Research Fellows

Adam Guggenheim '26

Adam is a sophomore from Mill Valley, California, studying International Relations and pursuing the Data Science sequence. On campus, he is a Wagener Global Scholar, ASCMC Senator, First-Year-Guide, an associate for Claremont AI Advancement Society, and a member of the 5C club soccer team. Adam’s Grandfather, a Holocaust survivor, was what sparked his interest in learning about genocides and genocide prevention studies. In high school, he was selected to participate in the Manovill Holocaust History Fellowship at the JFCS Holocaust Center. During the fellowship, he attended bi-weekly seminars and met with genocide survivors and refugees. Adam wrote two research papers during his fellowship: Taking the Offensive: The Fight Against Resurgent Antisemitism in the Time of Social Media and Pandemic and Jewish Holocaust Refugees in the Shanghai Ghetto. Adam is extremely fortunate to be a John K. Roth Fellow and is excited for what is to come.

Charlotte Jordan '27

Charlotte is a Freshman from Whittier, California considering a dual-major in History and International Relations. On campus, Charlotte is a member of CMC Advocates, where she hopes to develop her passion for education, advocacy, and contributing to her community. It is this desire to educate others on and advocate for underrepresented groups like the LGBTQ+ community that drives her research project, in which she will explain the resurgence of hate against the LGBTQ+ community in recent years in the context of lasting queer culture and stigma from the AIDS epidemic. In doing so, she hopes to analyze and learn from forms of gay activism in the 1980s to evaluate what methods of communication and education will be most effective in queer advocacy and diffusing the modern LGBTQ stigma.

Claire Moore '26

Claire is a sophomore at CMC majoring in Literature and Government. Her interest in international law began after seeing headlines that the International Criminal Court had issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin and blossomed while she was living in Geneva, Switzerland. Claire spent last summer working at a legal non-profit and was fortunate to meet many professionals with backgrounds in transitional justice through her work. Conversations with these lawyers sparked her interest in how international law and compliance can be used for their intended purpose: protecting human rights. To this end, her project will investigate the evolution of international law and war crime litigation using philosophical theory, interviews, and case studies. Aside from her work at the Mgrublian Center, Claire is a consultant at the CWPD and the Director of Outreach for CMC Student Advisors. She enjoys reading, watching horror movies, and playing with her German Shepard, Oscar, in her free time.



Anuj Patel '27

Anuj is a first year student from Chino Hills, CA pursuing a double major in Biology and Public Policy. Interested in pursuing a career in public health within the field of dentistry, he currently works as a dental assistant at a clinic that aims to provide free dental care to low income communities. In the future, Anuj hopes to combine his passion for health and government to make positive structural impacts to healthcare policy within America. His project centers around exploring how social obstacles have affected access to oral health in Indigenous American communities. Through the exploration of this topic, and similar topics in the future, he believes that he will be well equipped to understand the nuances of the healthcare field to best serve his community. In his free time, Anuj also enjoys photography and reading.

Floribert Rugambage '27

Floribert is a freshman pursuing a major in Data Science. Hailing from the resilient nation of Rwanda, he was born and raised in a land marked by the tragic Genocide against the Tutsi in 1994. His personal journey is one defined by both resilience and an unquenchable thirst for understanding. Floribert’s profound interest lies in exploring the intricacies of transgenerational trauma, a subject that holds a deeply personal significance. Having witnessed the long-lasting impacts of generational trauma in his own life, Floribert is committed to delving into the “why” and “how” behind its enduring presence. In his free time, he enjoys listening to podcasts or gospel music, and hanging out with his friends at cafes or city exploring.

Evan Sevaly '26

Evan is a sophomore from Kalispell, Montana, studying Government. He currently competes in mock trial, teaches classes for CMC’s Prison Education Project, and participates in ASCMC. He first became interested in U.S. foreign policy while debating the efficacy of U.S. arms sales in high school. His paper investigates whether U.S. sanctions against the Taliban are a legitimate response to Taliban human rights violations. Some argue that unilateral U.S. sanctions can change the policies of authoritarian regimes, whereas others say that they don’t work, kill civilians, and violate international law. Evan’s paper evaluates these arguments in the context of the Afghanistan War and its enduring consequences. He hopes to use the skills he learns from the Mgrublian Research Fellowship to pursue a career in government and human rights. He enjoys listening to music and playing chess and tennis in his free time.