2015-16 Research Fellows

Nikhil Kanade

Nikhil Kanade ’16: Interpretations & Reinterpretations of Jihad up to the 21st Century

Nikhil is a senior at CMC majoring in History, with a focus on the Middle East. Originally from India but born and raised in Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, Nikhil has watched how a continuous cycle of political, social and economic change has created instability in his adopted homeland. Thus, his interest in human rights stems from the modern day generalizations that have unjustly branded many Muslims as extremists and fundamentalists. He hopes that his study of Jihad will help uncover and educate people on the many nuances that exist in such unstable countries and provide the basis for a career in diplomacy or international development.

Evelyn Mittler

Evelyn Mittler ‘18: Sex Trafficking as Modern Day Slavery

Evelyn is a sophomore at CMC majoring in EEP and IR. Born in Hong Kong, she loves to travel and has a fascination for encountering new: People, Places, and Cultures. She spent her summer doing solar power work in the Philippines (a place dear to her heart), and would like to pursue work in international development. Evelyn is passionate about “change making”, particularly with the abolition of sex trafficking. She’s often involved with the international students on campus, and has started a new initiative to involve students in the fight of trafficking.

Larissa Peltola

Larissa Peltola ’18: Rape and Sexual Violence Used as a Weapon of War and Genocide: An Examination of Historical and Contemporary Cases of Genocidal Rape and Prosecution of Rape in International Courts

Larissa is a sophomore studying International Relations with a sequence in Genocide, Human Rights, and Holocaust Studies. She has had a passion for human rights work since the age of five, as she was exposed to the work of Amnesty International. She has interned for several organizations including Amnesty International, Remote Control Charitable Foundation, and Participant Media. She was also a Youth Ambassador for TheCommunity.com during which time she interviewed Nobel laureates and wrote blog posts, attended the World Summit of Nobel Peace Prize winners, and helped activate other young people to support the causes endorsed by the Nobel laureates. Larissa also works as a student Director of Outreach for the Office of Admission, overseeing a Multicultural Advisory Council working to increase racial, cultural, and socioeconomic diversity on campus.

Quincy Brown ’19 and Chris Raguz ’19: The Intersection of Race, Poverty, and Gentrification: A Case Study of Human Rights Violations Through American Urban Renewal

Jack Earley ’16: Breaking a Violent Cycle: Human Rights and Governance in Post-Genocide Rwanda