Student Assistants

Bhanu Cheepurupalli ‘25

Bhanu is a sophomore majoring in Environment, Economics, and Politics from Princeton, New Jersey. On campus, she is involved with CMC Advocates for Sexual Assault Survivors and the Amnesty International task force. Off-campus, Bhanu has worked with Oxfam and Amnesty International as she explores her interests in climate rights. In her free time, she enjoys walking with her cat and playing Solitaire. 

Tara Dawood ‘25

Tara is a sophomore from Las Vegas, Nevada, currently majoring in Government and Middle Eastern Studies. She is involved with the Kravis Lab for Social Impact as a Core Skills Mentor, a research assistant on the Ukraine Engagement Project, and  a part of ASCMC’s Events Staff Team. Upon the completion of her internship in Iraq last summer, she realized the great necessity of ensuring that Middle Eastern voices are heard. After seeing the amount of refugee camps that still exist even after ISIS has been defeated, she knows that there is still so much work that needs to

Miriam Farah ‘23

Miriam is a senior from Redondo Beach, CA majoring in Public Policy and History and plans on attending law school in the future. On campus, she works as an Atheneum Fellow and volunteers as a 1Gen mentor for first-generation college students. She is interested in criminal justice and housing law, and her passion has led her to work for law firms and nonprofit organizations to help marginalized communities. Additionally, she worked for Haysbert & Moultrie, LLP, which was a Mgrublian-sponsored internship, and learned more about international human rights law. She looks forward to connecting with 5C students to help support domestic and international human rights campaigns.

Esther Ge ‘26

Esther is a freshman from Beijing, China, who is hoping to dual major in Politics, Philosophy and Economics and International relations with a sequence in legal studies. Her passion in exploring the roles of law in securing human rights is what primarily directs her here. In high school, she was involved in research related to the humanitarian needs of climate refugees, the Srebrenica Genocide, and minority rights in the criminal justice system in American cities. As a student associate, she is looking forward to further exploring the role of international justice in global human rights issues and contributing to making positive social impacts on human rights.

Valentina Gonzalez ‘23

Valentina is a senior from El Paso, Texas studying International Relations and Human Rights, Genocide, and Holocaust studies. Living on the US-Mexico border, she was exposed to many injustices within immigration beginning at a young age. Learning about human rights abuses experienced by immigrants, and the driving forces that push these populations into the United States inspired her to dedicate her academic and professional career to this field. Apart from being a student assistant, she is a part-time assistant for Human Rights Watch, a research fellow with the Mgrublian Center, and a 1Gen mentor. She is excited to continue working with the Center as they highlight critical human rights issues around the world.

Savannah Grier '25

Savannah is a sophomore from Fresno, California majoring in International Relations at CMC. On campus, she works as a student staff manager with CMS Recreation at Roberts Pavilion. She is very excited to be a student assistant with Mgrublian because it aligns with her interests in working with nonprofits and an overall interest in international human rights affairs. She is eager to get more involved at CMC in the future.

Angela Gushue ‘25

Angela Gushue is a pre-medicine sophomore interested in the intersection of public health and human rights. In fifth grade, she founded her first organization and since then, her activism has continued and expanded. Now, as a student assistant, Angela is particularly passionate about Curis, the Mgrublian global poverty and public health task force. When she isn’t working at the Center, Angela runs cross country and track, mentors young musicians, and studies at local coffee shops.



Labiba Hassan '25


Labiba is a sophomore from Queens, New York, who is dual majoring in Government and Philosophy. She devotes most of her time to education, whether it be through humanitarian organizations or classes she holds at her tutorial. Her interests in human rights roots from her experiences with students and manifests itself in her passion for political journalism. On campus, you can find her at the CARE Center, or giving a tour. She also spends time on the Mock Trial team. Labiba is excited to work with the Mgrublian Center to examine human rights further. 

Nicole Jonassen ‘24

Nicole is a junior from New York studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) and Legal Studies. Nicole has developed a passion for human rights, and specifically migrant rights, due to the role of immigration in her family history, the ethical questions she encounters in her studies for PPE, and her research on Mexican migrant workers in the US through the Keck Center. On campus, Nicole is the Vice President of the CMC Model United Nations team, and she serves as the Student Life Committee Chair for ASCMC. Nicole has also been engaged in consulting projects with the Claremont Consulting Group and research on Mexican Politics through the Keck Center for International and Strategic Studies. Nicole is currently a Refugee and Migrant Rights intern on the Government Relations team at Amnesty International USA, where she works on a wide array of projects, including drafting federal appropriations language, researching and writing policy memos, and lobbying Congressional staffers to advance Amnesty International USA policy goals. Nicole is so excited to be joining the Mgrublian Center and become part of a community motivated by the pursuit of justice for all.

Saneen Khan ‘23

Saneen Khan is currently a Senior at CMC studying Government and History with a sequence in Data Science. On campus, Saneen is a member of the Student Philanthropy Council, the 5C Refugee Advocacy Network, and Amnesty International. Saneen intends to eventually study law and is particularly interested in human rights and immigration law. Saneen’s passion for human rights work stems from her experiences volunteering abroad, particularly her experience working with Rohingya refugees in Malaysia. Having grown up in the UAE, Saneen hopes to eventually use her experience and knowledge back home in the Middle East.

Daniel Kroshchuk ‘24

Daniel is a junior from San Diego, California studying Neuroscience and Economics. He is specifically interested in raising awareness for war crimes committed against Ukranians as a result of the Russian invasion. This topic is close to his heart as most of his relatives reside in Ukraine. On campus, he is a part of Claremont Curis, a global health and poverty task force, as well as the CMS football team. In his free time, Daniel enjoys camping with friends and surfing the beaches of So-Cal.

Michelle Ramirez ‘23

Michelle is a senior from Los Angeles, CA majoring in Public Policy with a sequence in Human Rights, Genocide Studies, and Holocaust Studies. She works as a Success Coach, as a Tour Guide, and is involved as a mentor for 1GEN. As a first-generation college student and daughter of immigrants, she holds a deep interest in education rights, immigrant and refugee rights, and indigenous rights, specifically in Latin America. Her passion has led her to work in nonprofit organizations focused on human rights advocacy, special education law, and community programming related to public service. After college, she plans on becoming a public interest lawyer. Michelle looks forward to working with students passionate about human rights and justice.

Yulissa Sanchez '24

Yulissa is a junior from California dual majoring in Government and History. On campus, she is involved in CMC’s mock trial team as she hopes to one day attend law school to become a lawyer.  Yulissa’s passion for law stems from a young age when she realized the shortcomings laws sometimes possess when protecting the rights of others. She has spent time in Washington, DC learning how policy is developed by the legislative branch and implemented by the executive branch.

Maram Sharif ‘26

Maram is a freshman at CMC from Manama, Bahrain. She intends to major in Economics with a Finance Sequence. She is currently an RLCIE fellow candidate and holds a few positions at ASCMC. Maram is excited to get more involved on campus through the Mgrublian Center. Interested in journalism, she is eager to find creative ways to share the values of the Center with the community. She cannot wait to make an impact during her time at CMC and believes this role will be a great way to start.

Sara Taghizadeh '26

Sara is a freshman from Wellesley, Massachusetts, majoring in Public Policy. On-campus, she is also involved with Every Vote Counts and the 5C Refugee Advocacy Network. As the daughter of immigrants, she is very passionate about immigrant and refugee rights, especially in the Middle East. Sara looks forward to getting more involved with human rights activism alongside other students through the Mgrublian Center

Ilma Turcios ‘25

Ilma is currently a sophomore on a pre-law track. She was born in Honduras but grew up in Miami. Despite leaving her country at a really young age, she has always had a strong connection to home. Having such a big love for her culture prompted her to stay as informed as she could on relevant issues in Honduras that affected her, and other individuals like her. The main issue that has always called her attention is women’s rights and gender-based violence. Given how rampant this is not just in Honduras but in the whole world has sparked her interest in the various intersections between gender and human rights and how both function independently and with each other. This prompted her to carry out an internship last summer in Honduras, in which she worked closely with women victims of violence at a non-profit organization. This also brought her to Mgrublian. In addition to human rights and gender, she has always had a really big interest in government and economics, and their overlaps. On campus, she is also a CARE fellow where she is the lead of the Outreach Committee.

Kyra Variyava ‘25

Kyra is a sophomore from Mumbai, majoring in International Relations and Economics. Since high school, she has played an active role in human rights advocacy from organizing local movements, establishing her own grassroots initiatives, and conducting detailed research studies with a regional focus of South Asia. Outside of the Mgrublian, she loves anything to do with music from composing her own music to a capella and is a strong believer that music too can have an impact on politics and identity.

Human Rights Legal Research Assistants

Kristen Lu ‘24

Kristen is a junior from Los Angeles, California majoring in Environmental Analysis and Government. She is very passionate about legal advocacy, especially its role in protecting human rights and the environment, and has spent the last two years running a nonprofit that successfully lobbied for the passage of international climate policy. In addition to being a Mgrublian Legal Research Assistant, she is the Chair of the ASCMC Environmental Affairs Committee and a CMC Advocate for Survivors of Sexual Assault.  After graduating from CMC, she hopes to pursue a career in environmental law. She enjoys running, surfing, and going to the beach in her free time.

Genevieve McCloy ‘24

Genevieve is a third year from San Francisco studying Government. She recently transferred to CMC and is excited about all the opportunities offered in the humanities. At her former college, Genevieve developed an interest in criminal justice and advocated for increased academic resources for incarcerated populations in Massachusetts. She hopes to continue learning how law can be utilized to achieve meaningful justice and prison reform. Even though she loves Southern California, she is forever a San Francisco Giants fan and dislikes the Dodgers. She loves listening to the Go-Gos, playing pickleball, and eating phở with friends.

Jameson Mitrovich ‘24

Jameson Mitrovich is a junior from Los Angeles, California, majoring in Government and Economics. He is interested in political philosophy and law and plans to attend law school after graduation. On campus, he is also the managing editor of the Claremont Independent. He has interned on a few political campaigns and a political non-profit. In his free time, he enjoys reading and watching sports.

Jasmine Perales ‘23

Jasmine is a senior majoring in Government and Chicanx Latinx Studies. She has been working for the Mgrublian Center as part of the legal research team since her sophomore year. She is very passionate about human rights and hopes to pursue it as a lawyer.