Student Assistants

Angela Gushue '25

Angela Gushue is a pre-medicine junior interested in the intersection of public health and human rights. In fifth grade, she founded her first organization and since then, her activism has continued and expanded. Now, as a student assistant, Angela is particularly passionate about Curis, the Mgrublian global poverty and public health task force. When she isn’t working at the Center, Angela runs cross country and track, mentors young musicians, and studies at local coffee shops.

Stephanie Hernandez '26

Stephanie is a sophomore from Seattle, Washington, dual majoring in History and Government with a sequence in Gender and Sexuality Studies. On campus, they work as a Success Coach and are involved as a 1Gen Mentor. Their dream is to go to law school after completing undergrad and becoming a human rights attorney. Stephanie is excited to work for the Mgrublian Center, as they have a huge interest in women and LGBT+ rights, human rights, Indigenous rights, and immigration and refugee rights. This past summer, they interned for Connecticut Against Gun Violence, which was a Mgrublian-sponsored internship, which led them to learn more about the intersection of gun violence against women. They look forward to working on human rights issues and working with equally passionate students.

Mason Napach '27

Mason is a freshman at CMC from New City, New York who is planning on majoring in Economics with a sequence in Human Rights, Genocide and Holocaust Studies. On campus, he is involved in consulting for the Graphite Group and debating in the CCDU. His passion for human rights comes from working with Holocaust survivors in his community and learning their powerful stories. Mason also has experience researching the intersection of predatory economic policy and human rights abuses. In his free time, Mason loves working on puzzles and telling corny jokes. He is excited to get started working for the Mgrublian Center.



Sofia Weinstein '26

Sofia is a sophomore from the Bay Area, California studying Economics and Finance. Her dedication to justice and advocacy began in high school by starting a nonprofit organization that provides free tutoring to disadvantaged students and a student-run racial equity leadership program. Having family members who were Holocaust survivors, she is very passionate about Holocaust education, awareness, and research. In addition, she believes that it is critical to combat anti-semitism at the 5Cs and beyond. On campus, she is a member of the 5C Student Chabad Board and helps lead the ASCMC committee on anti-semitism which has a focus on combating anti-semitism and improving Jewish students’ experience at the 5Cs. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis with friends and going out to the Claremont Village. She is incredibly excited to work at the Mgrublian Center this year to work on various programs such as podcasts and help lead the student-run task force groups.

Guadalupe Loza-Mendez '26

Guadalupe is a junior from Pomona, California dual majoring in International Relations and Economics. Currently, she works as a CARE fellow and a lead consultant at Source Nonprofit Consulting, where she collaborates with local nonprofit organizations. Throughout her life, Guadalupe has been actively engaged in her local community, but it was at the beginning of her college journey that she expanded her interests to focus on human rights on an international scale. As a first-generation student born to Mexican immigrants, she has enriched her experience by interning with various non-profits and NGOs across Latin America, with the goal of serving this region in the future. In her free time, she loves to thrift and watercolor landscapes.

Alana Nahabedian '27

Alana is a freshman from Las Vegas, Nevada, studying International Relations and Human Rights, Genocide, and Holocaust studies. As an Armenian whose surname is traced to the founder of Armenia, Hayk Nahabed, Alana’s ethnic heritage and the plight of her ancestors provide the basis for her unwavering commitment to human rights and her interest in being a part of the Mgrublian Center. In high school, Alana gave numerous speeches nationwide about the Armenian Genocide and enrolled in Stanford classes to further develop her knowledge of Genocide, humanitarian intervention, and the capabilities of the United Nations. Alana serves on the board of directors of two non-profit organizations: EntrepreYOUership, a 501(c)3 that offers support for youth interested in entrepreneurship and financial literacy; and the Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief, which provides humanitarian relief to orphaned Armenian children and adults with disabilities throughout the world. Alana also founded the Armenian Youth Council, a grassroots organization dedicated to uplifting and expanding Armenian voices, serving as a united force for Armenian youth to collaborate and work for change. At CMC, Alana is an Associate Consultant at SOURCE Nonprofit Consulting, a writer for the Claremont Journal of International Relations, and a member of the Free Food for Thought Podcast. A 2023 Coca-Cola Scholar, Alana soon aims to revive the Armenian Student Association and pursue more opportunities addressing Genocide, human rights, and the security of Armenia.

Daniel Kroschuk '24

Daniel is a senior from San Diego, California studying Neuroscience and Economics. He is specifically interested in raising awareness for war crimes committed against Ukrainians as a result of the Russian invasion. This topic is close to his heart as most of his relatives reside in Ukraine. On campus, he is a part of Claremont Curis, a global health and poverty task force, as well as the CMS football team. In his free time, Daniel enjoys camping with friends and surfing the beaches of So-Cal.

Maram Sharif '26


Maram is a sophomore from Manama, Bahrain pursuing a Bachelors in Economics and a Masters in Finance. Since her freshman year, Maram has been leading the Mgrublian Center’s social media and newsletter team. During high school, she developed a passion for journalism and storytelling through the usage of multimedia, leading her to be involved on CMC’s campus as an Information Technology Assistant, the Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing for College Programming Board, and the Communications and Outreach Manager for the Alexandria Review at the Keck Center for International and Strategic Studies. She also serves as a Career Services Mentor at the Soll Center For Student Opportunity. Maram is incredibly passionate about educational equity and hopes to make an impact through her position at the Mgrublian Center. 

Ilma Turcios '25

Ilma is a junior from Miami, Florida, majoring in Government and Economics. On campus, she is a research assistant at the Keck Center for Strategic and International Studies under Government Professor Lisa Koch for her research on nuclear policy and deterrence. She is also a research assistant at the Salvatori Center for the Study of Individual Freedom for Government Professor Nicholas Buccola. This past summer, Ilma interned for a human rights non-profit organization in Mendoza, Argentina called Xumek, in which she worked for their childhood and adolescence sector. She also interned for a CMC alumna’s non-profit organization—called the Rerooted Archive—in which she conducted interviews with Armenians in Argentina. Ilma’s passion for human rights brought her to Mrgublian and she is excited to keep exploring the field.

Shriya Velichala '26

Shriya is a sophomore from Arcadia, California interested in studying Economics and Government at CMC. She is passionate about various human rights topics ranging from education and women’s rights to solutions for bridging socioeconomic disparities. This past summer, Shriya was able to further develop her interest for human rights advocacy during her internship with Connecticut Against Gun Violence (CAGV), where she helped with various research and community projects related to gun violence prevention. Apart from being a student assistant for the Mgrublian Center, she is also a financial analyst for Claremont Women in Business and a member of the CMS Track & Field Team. She is excited for the opportunity to be a student assistant and contribute to the Center’s mission.

Sophia Lakani '27

Sophia is a freshman from Calgary, Canada who intends to dual major in Philosophy and Government. On campus, she is a Research Assistant for the Salvatori Center for Individual Freedom and is a Randall Lewis Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fellow. Sophia’s passion for human rights stems from her academic and advocacy work in projects related to gender equality development and the Rwandan genocide. Sophia is excited to be working with the Mgrublian Center to increase awareness of humanitarian issues and work with others to enact change.

Joseph Zhong '25

Joseph is a junior from Elkhorn, Nebraska, pursuing a dual major in Economics and Public Policy at Claremont McKenna College. Joseph is excited to manage and run The Watchtower, the Mgrublian Center’s podcast, shedding light on global humanitarian issues and their potential solutions. He has long loved using the media to raise awareness of humanity’s critical issues. Outside the Mgrublian Center, Joseph is a Project Manager for the Rose Institute of State and Local Government, where he runs their Cost of Doing Business Survey and consults local nonprofits on city charters. Sometimes, Joseph is spotted giving tours to prospective CMC students. In his free time, Joseph loves to hike with friends, trade on the Bloomberg terminal, and watch the sunsets.

Human Rights Legal Research Assistants

Daniela Brun Matar '26

Daniela is a sophomore from Monterrey, Mexico majoring in International Relations and Psychology. In addition to being a Mgrublian Legal Research Assistant, she is the Events Coordinator for CMC Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence, assists with research at the Berger Institute for Individual and Social Development, and is a First Year Guide. She hopes to continue learning more about human rights law and pursue it as a lawyer after college.

Sascha Douglass '24

Sascha is a senior from San Francisco, California, majoring in Government. On campus, she is leader of the CMC Prison Education Project Club and a research assistant for the Psych, Law, and Policy Lab. Off-campus, Sascha has worked for Congresswoman Judy Chu and Haysbert & Moultrie, LLP, which is a Mgrublian-sponsored internship, as she explores her interests in criminal justice and civil rights. After college, she plans on becoming a public interest lawyer.

Genevieve McCloy ‘24

Genevieve is a fourth year from San Francisco studying Government. Genevieve is interested in learning how law can be utilized to promote restorative justice in prison reform. Even though she loves that CMC is in Southern California, she is a forever San Francisco Giants fan and dislikes the Dodgers. In her free time, she enjoys listening to the Talking Heads and doing the Wordle.

Yulissa Sanchez '24

Yulissa is a junior from California dual majoring in Government and History. On campus, she is involved in CMC’s mock trial team as she hopes to one day attend law school to become a lawyer.  Yulissa’s passion for law stems from a young age when she realized the shortcomings laws sometimes possess when protecting the rights of others. She has spent time in Washington, DC learning how policy is developed by the legislative branch and implemented by the executive branch.