Women and Leadership Alliance

In 2010, CMC students approached Sarah Smith Orr (then Executive Director of the Kravis Leadership Institute at CMC) about the need and desire for more female leadership mentors on campus.  Through these conversations, support quickly came together for the first Women & Leadership Workshop, designed to support all 7-C students during their time of preparation for post-graduation opportunities and employment, as well as connecting students with successful women leaders representing fields such as law, non-profit, entrepreneurship, finance, consulting, entertainment, education, government service, marketing, and health services.  From the great momentum and enthusiasm generated by the workshop’s success and the cumulative desire to continue to support programs highlighting women leaders across all disciplines, the Women & Leadership Alliance (WLA) was born.

Today, the WLA is led primarily by faculty, staff, and student representatives from the Kravis Leadership Institute, the Berger Institute, and the Mgrublian Center for Human Rights.  Each year, this steering committe organizes and hosts an annual Women and Leadership Workshop (WLW), welcomes CMC alumnae back to campus to network and engage with students, supports programs and events highlighting women leaders across the disciplines with special emphasis given to the areas of human rights, women’s rights, women in business and leadership, and topics related to navigating work, life, and family balance.  The Mgrublian Center for Human Rights has been an integral member of this alliance since its inception and is proud to be a member of an alliance geared at supporting programs which celebrate women leaders in a wide range of fields and careers, and providing support to all students across the 5Cs.