Human Rights Student Interns

Each summer the Center funds students to intern with international and domestic human rights organizations. Student interns engage in the field of human rights by working for organizations that promote human rights or raise awareness about related issues; undertaking research for a scholarly project (including senior theses); or developing an independent program in a field related to human rights studies. Students gain practical experience of the ways in which knowledge, political and economic policies, and leadership must be combined to understand and overcome human rights abuses and genocide in today’s world. These experiences are invaluable to the overall education our students receive and also often lead to future employment or research opportunities.

As part of the summer internship program, the Center has established partnerships with leading organizations including Human Rights Watch (NY), Amnesty International, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Enough Project, the POLIN museum in Warsaw, and the Jewish Museum in Riga, Latvia. Students have the opportunity to secure an internship at one of these partnered opportunities or through their own networks.


2021 Summer Interns

Valentina Gonzalez ’23 – Abaunza Group, Los Angeles, CA
Yara Ismael ’22 – Amnesty International, Washington, DC
Athulya Nath ’23 – Claremont Canopy, Claremont, CA
Cristi Cruz ’24 – Connecticut Against Gun Violence, Ridgefield, CT
Michael Gadinis ’24 – Connecticut Against Gun Violence, Ridgefield, CT
Alexandra Punishill ’24 – Connecticut Against Gun Violence, Ridgefield, CT
Nisha Singh ’23 – Haysbert Moultrie, Los Angeles, CA
Chloe Wibawa ’23 – Haysbert Moultrie, Los Angeles, CA
Anya Syed ’23 – Human Rights Watch, New York, NY
Shaliya Heard ’24 – Kurdish Refugee Relief Foundation, San Diego, CA
Kristen Lu ’24 – Rerooted, New York, NY
Akriti Poudel ’23 – Rerooted, New York, NY

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