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Welcome to The Mgrublian Center for Human Rights

The Mgrublian Center for Human Rights provides an educational experience that combines classroom and hands-on learning, activism, and research to foster in students a deeper understanding of human rights in their lives, and to prepare interested students for careers and postgraduate work in related professions. The Center hosts leading scholars and human rights activists, sponsors academic travel, internships, student-led task forces, research projects, and supports local and global campaigns, thereby advancing the cause of human rights more broadly while helping students develop the ethical commitments and leadership qualities necessary to identify, prevent, and overcome human rights abuses in today’s world.

Our Programs

Research Opportunities

The Center offers a robust student/faculty research fellowship program; a post-graduate fellowship; and annual awards for best thesis and best overall student in the human rights sequence.


The Center supports summer internship experiences with leading human rights organizations involved in policy, activism, development, education, and humanitarian aid around the world.


Student Activism

Student-led Human Rights Task forces raise awareness on campus and address a full range of current national and global human rights issues.


Human Rights Sequence

The Human Rights sequence provides interdisciplinary coursework that provides students with the knowledge, skills, and moral insight needed to identify, analyze, and combat human rights abuses.


Tribunal for Putin: How Ukrainians Document Russia’s War Crimes

Talking to survivors and gathering evidence is crucial for future justice Photo credit: Serhiy Movchan By Anna Romandash “This work takes a toll on you,” Serhiy Movchan says, “I remember all the testimonies I collected, and that is why I initially left this job as I...

Russia is a Terrorist State

Russian military attacks create explosions across Lviv, Ukraine, October 10, 2022. Photo credit: Anna Romandash. By Anna Romandash It’s Monday morning, and Ukraine is on fire. Russia launched 84+ missiles and drones against Ukraine. I don’t know how you start your...

A Journey Beyond the Carpathians: Inside Ukraine’s Safest Region

Southwestern part of the country offers some sort of normalcy despite the war Ukrainian military jet. Photo credit: Artur Voznenko By Anna Romandash “What are we, not Ukrainians? We’ve got the same problems as you guys!” That’s Vita, a shopkeeper from Uzhorod. The...

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