In Memoriam: CMC Professor Emeritus P. Edward Haley, Director (2008-14)

The Center is mourning the recent passing of a significant member of its foundation and community, CMC Professor Emeritus P. Edward “Ed” Haley.

Ed joined the CMC faculty in 1968 and was a key figure in the founding of the Center 20 years ago, becoming one of its first advisory board members and affirming his belief that the college needed a Center dedicated to the study of the Holocaust, genocide and human rights.  In 2008 he became director and worked tirelessly to ensure the Center’s long term viability and to expand key programs including the speaker series and the summer internship program.  His scholarship and knowledge in the field of international and strategic studies was equally matched by his stalwart support of human rights causes around the globe.  Upon his retirement in 2014, an endowed internship was established by the Center’s advisory board in Ed’s name. The P. Edward Haley Internship attracts students studying conflicts and human rights issues in the Middle East, and allows them to travel there in the summer.  

During his years at CMC, Ed was also the chair of the international relations program, and a former director of the Keck Center for International and Strategic Studies. In addition to teaching at CMC for 47 years, Ed served on the staffs of members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. He was also a prolific publisher of academic works, including Strategic Foreign Assistance: Civil Society in International Security (Hoover Institution Press, 2006), and Strategies of Dominance: The Misdirections of U.S. Foreign Policy (Woodrow Wilson Center/Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006). His book, Revolution and Intervention: The Diplomacy of Taft and Wilson with Mexico, 1913-1915, won the Premio Sahagun, awarded by the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History.

Though his legacy will live on through his scholarship and the Center’s programs, Ed will be greatly missed by many members of the college and CMC alumni. Our hearts and thoughts are with his family, and especially his wife Elaine who was also a pillar of the Claremont community.