Summer 2018 Internship Reflections

Anita Shenoi ’20 — Claremont Canopy (Claremont, CA)

This past summer, Anita Shenoi interned for Claremont Canopy, a local grassroots organization that serves recently resettled refugees in the Inland Empire. Anita was attracted to Canopy’s quest to support newly arrived immigrants by providing valuable resources for education, employment, and community integration. The internship provided an active learning environment for Anita, where she was able to explore the financial logistics and other aspects of what makes Canopy successful.

Anita enjoyed spending time getting to know many of the families, sharing delicious meals together, attending community and religious events, and even dancing at a wedding reception! Asked of her experience this summer, Anita responded, “with its newly established non-profit status, Claremont Canopy is a wonderful example of a social organization that incorporates the vibrant talents of a community to integrate and uplift its newest members.”


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