Academic Awardees

Class of 2019

Malea Martin

Malea Martin ’19
Best Overall Student: Human Rights, Holocaust, and Genocide Studies Sequence.


Emma Henson ’19
Best Thesis in Human Rights: (Un)Safe Zones: Good Intentions, Bad Logic

Class of 2018

Asher Greenberg

Asher Greenberg ’18
Best Overall Student: Human Rights, Holocaust, and Genocide Studies Sequence.
Asher completed the sequence in addition to a dual major in History and International Relations. His scholarship is matched only by his commitment to human rights research, particularly in the field of Holocaust studies. Asher was involved with the Center not only through the curriculum but as a regular attendee and supporter of Center events and as a human rights intern during the summer following his sophomore year. We wish him well as he begins a new career in management consulting with Parthenon- Ernst & Young.

Larissa Peltola

Larissa Peltola ’18
Best Thesis in Human Rights: Rape and Sexual Violence Used as a Weapon of War and Genocide: An Examination of Historical and Contemporary Cases of Genocidal Rape and Prosecution of Rape in International Courts.
Larissa spent the better part of her time at CMC involved in the scholarship, activism, and promotion of human rights issues across our campus and around the globe. Larissa was instrumental in establishing the Amnesty International chapter at CMC, helped organized and host many human rights awareness events and social media campaigns, conducted research independently and in conjunction with faculty mentors, and was Editor-in-Chief of the Center’s newsletter. We wish her great success as she embarks on her next adventure as a Fulbright Scholar in Hungary where she will teach English to first generation Roma college students.

Class of 2017

Anoush Baghdassarian ’17
Best Overall Student: Human Rights, Holocaust, and Genocide Studies Sequence.
In addition to successfully completing the sequence, Anoush also dual-majored in Psychology and Spanish during her four years at CMC. She will spend the summer of 2017 in Armenia interviewing Syrian-Armenian refugees through a Davis Projects for Peace scholarship and plans to attend law school in the future.


Victor Lopez ’17
Best Thesis in Human Rights: LGBT Civil Rights vs. Religious Freedom: Determining the Constitutionality of Statutes that Prohibit Discrimination on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Grounds in Areas of Public Accommodations.
Following his graduation from CMC, Victor will attend Law School at Columbia University in the fall.