2017-18 Research Fellows

Pallavi Deshpande ’19: Is Education the Path to Peace in Kashmir?

Pallavi is a junior at CMC majoring in Economics. She grew up in Hyderabad, India, but has a strong passion for traveling and learning about different cultures, traditions, and their history. On campus, Pallavi is involved with the student government, the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Claremont Women in Business. Her experiences working for organizations and projects that work to improve literacy rates amongst underprivileged students in India piqued her interest in the importance of educational institutions in combating radicalization and promoting economic and social independence.

Asher Greenberg

Asher Greenberg ’18: A Case Study on Conspiracy Theories of Nazi Assets Going to Latin America

Asher is a senior at CMC majoring in International Relations and History with a Human Rights, Genocide, and Holocaust Studies Sequence through the Mgrublian Center. He is from Westport, CT but has had the opportunity to have two study abroad experiences in Peru and South Korea. Growing up in a largely Jewish community with a number of survivors, he has always had an interest in the study of the Holocaust and the Third Reich. This has sparked his interest in the continuation of injustices suffered by the victims, particularly with regards to the displacement of monetary and cultural property. On campus, he has been involved as a First Year Guide, Dorm President, Varsity Athlete, and SAGA member.

Medina Latic

Medina Latic ’20: Analysis of International Intervention and its Impact on the Bosnian War, 1992-1995

Medina is a sophomore from Chicago who has a strong passion for international relations, government, and human rights.On campus she works at the CARE Center, is a member of the KLI Social Innovation Team, and is a tour guide for Admissions. She is also on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee and the Sophomore Cabinet. Her work with the Mgrublian Center began because both of her parents are war refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Her family’s history and the history of their native country inspired her to work in Sarajevo with the Association of Transitional Justice, Accountability, and Remembrance on the documentation of concentration camps and places of detention in Bosnia, through the Mgrublian Center Sponsored Internship Program. Her experiences have inspired her to continue this research on campus and look into intervention policies specifically tied to genocide.

Malea Martin

Malea Martin ’19: Educational Methods in Jewish and Holocaust Museums

Malea is a Junior at Claremont McKenna College, dual majoring in Government and Literature with a Sequence in Human Rights, Genocide and Holocaust Studies. Malea worked with the Center last year as a Student Assistant, and this year she is a Research Fellow completing a project about educational methods in European Jewish museums. In her non-academic time, Malea enjoys running on the CMS cross country team.

Ravi Sadhu

Ravi Sadhu ’19: Sociocultural Determinants of Child Mortality in India

Ravi is a junior pursuing a dual major in Biology and Religious Studies. He is an aspiring physician who plans to pursue Medicine with an interest in global health and development. Ravi grew up in Bangalore, India, and the medical experience he gained in rural areas in India and Nepal shaped his interest in the link between the humanities and healthcare. He is the Secretary of the Psychology Club and Head of the Culture and Diversity Committee of the International Connect Club on campus. While his past research was in the field of genetics and microbiology, he is involved with research in the field of behavioral ecology of black phoebe birds.

Marcia Yang

Marcia Yang ’18: The Great Leap Forward, Tiananmen Square, and the Falun Gong: A Study Tracking Changing Attitudes of Chinese Baby Boomers

Marcia is a senior at CMC majoring in Philosophy and Public Affairs with an interest in international relations, political economy, and human rights. She plans to go to graduate school for Philosophy focusing on non-Western Epistemology. Marcia grew up in Southern California with stories from her parents about living under Chinese Communist rule, leading to her interest in human rights. On campus, Marcia also works as a Research Assistant for Professor Koch, researching nuclear weapons, the Head Media Technology Assistant, and occasionally as a Maître D at the Athenaeum. She is also an International Journalism Fellow at the Keck Center for International and Strategic Studies, an Arthur R. Adams Fellow in International Political Economy, and the Head Mentor for the Asian Pacific American Mentors at CMC.