2015 Summer Interns

Margaux Arntson ’18
Amnesty International, Washington, D.C.
Margaux will work on a series of political campaigns related to social justice and human rights including the Global Stop Torture campaign and the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission.

Diana Avellaneda ’18
Amity Foundation, Nanjing, China
Diana will intern with the Service Learning Program to help promote social welfare, civic responsibility, and civic engagement. Her activities as an intern will include helping Chinese teachers improve their English language skills, visiting the mentally disabled, and tutoring migrant worker’s children.

Mitchell Bremermann ‘16
EuroFound, Dublin, Ireland
Mitchell will work with the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions in their Working Conditions and Industrial Relations unit.

Aiyanna Cameron-Lewis ’18
Volunteer in Las Cruces, Las Cruces, Guatemala
Aiyanna will work with school-aged children and local families to teach English as a foreign language. She will also lead activities that promote gender equity and health and positive self-image for teenagers.

Jennifer Dallego ’17
Child Family Health International (CFHI), Quito & Chone, Ecuador
Jennifer will intern in CFHI’s Urban & Rural Comparative Health program in Ecuador where she will explore the urban and rural healthcare systems of Ecuador through clinical rotations that highlight the differences of healthcare services in the two regions. In Quito she will take medical and conversational Spanish classes and will rotate through clinics in Quito under the supervision of local doctors. In Chone, she will observe and assist doctors with primary health care, sometimes complicated by tropical diseases.

Johanna Dungca ’17
Stiftung Solarenergie, Makati City, Philippines
During her internship, Johanna will campaign and market StS’s mission to increase the use of solar, sustainable energy in rural and impoverished areas of the Philippines. This will include producing brochures or directly assisting with the installation of solar panels on site.

Katharine Eger ’16
Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (The Knowledge Center), Washington, D.C.
The Knowledge Center aims to improve access to higher education in developing countries. Katharine’s duties will include analyzing metrics and working closely with a Research Fellow to determine the returns on education in Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya.

Joel Kirk ’16
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, D.C.
As a University Programs intern, Joel will assist Mandel Center staff as they prepare and conduct scholarly programs, including seminars, symposia, panel presentations, and campus outreach visits. Joel will also be involved with contacting publishers for copies of recently published books related to the Holocaust; researching information about the Holocaust and/or institutions where Holocaust-related courses are taught; surveying archival collections; and performing general office duties.

Taylor Lemmons ’17
New England Innocence Project, Boston
Taylor will be responsible for the organization’s research into the mishandling and misplacement of case evidence in criminal proceedings. She will research cases in which necessary evidence was unavailable to the case due to misplacement and will survey defense attorneys about the results of those cases.

Austin Melody ’17
Child Family Health International (CFHI), Cape Town & Durban, South Africa
Austin will shadow doctors and observe how the health care system has dealt with a public health crisis that has fundamentally altered the state’s social and economic situation. As well, he will work in public health clinics in Durban to better understand the challenges faced by the post-apartheid public healthcare system, including the threats of HIV/AIDS, environmental health issues, and other underlying causes of poor health in the region.

Bridget Moran ’16
Right To Play, Cotonou, Benin
Bridget will work on gathering evidence and results on how Right to Play programs in Benin influence and prevent gender-based violence, including child early and forced marriage and/or teenage pregnancy.

Larissa Peltola ’18
Amnesty International, Washington, D.C.
Larissa will be working on several human rights campaigns including those focused on abolishing the death penalty, anti-torture and rendition, and immigration rights.

Daivik Vyas ’16
Child Family Health International (CFHI), Northern India
Daivik will participate in the Urban/Rural Himalayan program in Northeast India where he will provide medical assistance and observe physicians as they treat local populations in rural communities.

Stephanie Wong ’17
Boston City Hall: Office of Fair Housing and Equity, Boston
As a Human Rights Commission Intern, Stephanie will conduct demographic research and data analysis to assist on projects to help stop housing discrimination against ethnic minorities, the elderly, families, sexual minorities, gender minorities, and religious minorities.