Fellowships and Prizes

The Mgrublian Center supports two research fellowship programs, one during the academic year and one upon graduation from CMC.

Academic Year Research Fellowship Program

Through the research fellowship program, students have the opportunity to conduct research of their own choosing and design under the guidance of a faculty advisor. Research fellows spend the academic year diving deep into a human rights, Holocaust, or genocide studies project while benefiting from the resources and office space the Center has to offer.  Fellows also receive a modest stipend to offset research expenses.  View samples of previous research fellowships.

The Elbaz Post-Graduate Fellowship Program

This fellowship program is open to all graduating CMC seniors who are interested in pursuing a career in human rights.  The fellowship is awarded for one year following graduation during which the recipient will receive funding for a position within a major human rights organization (to be identified by the fellow or through partnerships maintained by the Mgrublian Center). Ideally the position should focus on one or more of these areas: leadership training; project management skills; field work and research; professional networking; and advocacy work to advance human rights.  The fellowship could lead to full time work or preparation for graduate school.  The Mgrublian Center will award up to $50,000 to cover living expenses for the one-year duration of the fellowship.  Upon conclusion of the fellowship, the fellow will return to CMC to present a public lecture. 

Academic Prizes

Each spring the Center awards a prize for “Best Thesis in Human Rights” and a “Best Overall” student in the Human Rights sequence.  All senior theses, regardless of discipline, are eligible for the best thesis prize.  Only those seniors who have completed the Human Rights sequence are eligible for the best overall student prize.  These awards are made in the spring at the end of the academic calendar.  View past awardees.