Student Involvement

Student Assistants

Cody Babcock '24

Cody is a second-year from Santa Fe, New Mexico, dual majoring in Philosophy and German. He studied twentieth-century Europe extensively throughout high school and lived in Berlin, Germany for about a year.  At the Mgrublian Center, Cody is a research assistant to Professors Lower and Petropoulos.  He loves learning new languages and about new cultures, connecting with like-minded individuals, and exploring the richness of the Catholic Faith. In his free time, Cody likes to ski, paint, play tennis, cook with friends, and rollerskate.

Bhanu Cheepurupalli ‘25

Bhanu is a freshman from Princeton, New Jersey, who is considering majoring in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics or Environment, Economics, and Politics. On-campus, she is involved with CMC Advocates for Sexual Assault Survivors and the college’s Amnesty International chapter. Bhanu’s interest in human rights stems from her involvement with Amnesty International as well as her passion for initiatives for climate justice and addressing the climate emergency. She is excited to get more involved on campus through the Mgrublian Center!

ErisJames Elliott ‘23

ErisJames (Eris) is a junior from Boston majoring in Psychology with a sequence in Law. His plans of practicing Law in the future are what draw him to focus on social justice and human rights. In addition to working as a Research Assistant, Eris is the President of Stark Dorm in south quad and plans events for its many residents; he is also a member of ASCMC’s Event Staff team which helps to manage many ASCMC events on campus. He wants  to make a big impact within his four years here at CMC, and this is just one of the ways he plans to start.

Valentina Gonzalez ‘23

Valentina is currently a junior from El Paso, Texas who is studying International Relations and Human Rights, Genocide, and Holocaust studies. Living in a city that borders Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Valentina was exposed to injustices within the immigration system beginning at a young age, which inspired her to dedicate her academic and professional career to becoming a human rights activist. She has previously interned with human rights organization, the Abaunza Group, and focused her Appel Fellowship and independent research projects on immigration, human trafficking, and the state’s role in protecting victims and preventing these injustices from occurring. Valentina looks forward to working with the Mgrublian Center to continue human rights activism!

Angela Gushue ‘25

Angela Gushue is a freshman currently on the pre-medicine track. Her first experiences in activism began in the fifth grade when she founded the animal rights organization, Voices for Animals. In high school, she began to expand her activism with her involvement in EasyCode4Kids, a non-profit organization that promoted accessible youth STEM education. Now, in her first year of college, Angela is looking forward to continuing her advocacy at the Mgrublian Center. As a student assistant, she is particularly interested in leading Curis, the global health and poverty task force.

Sydney Heath ‘22

Sydney Heath is a senior from Connecticut majoring in International Relations with a sequence in Human Rights, Genocide, and the Holocaust. Apart from her job as a student manager at the Mgrublian Center, she is an Advocate for survivors of Sexual Assault and a member of the mental health task force. In her free time she can be found taking Innertube water polo way too seriously or fostering kittens. This is her third year working for the Center!

Yara Ismael ‘22

Yara is a senior majoring in International Relations and Government with a sequence in Human Rights. She has been involved in many social justice initiatives. She co-founded the Kurdish Refugee Relief Foundation and Effendi Foundation. Last year, she worked with the center as a legal researcher on human rights cases. This past summer and current fall, she is also working with the advocacy and government relations team at Amnesty International. She hopes to continue working for a more just world in whatever capacity. 



Lucie Kapner ‘22

Lucie is a senior from Boston, Massachusetts majoring in Psychology and History with a Leadership Studies Sequence. She is the executive director of Dance Marathon at the Claremont Colleges, an organization that supports Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. She also is a member of CMC’s Mock Trial team and a consultant with SOURCE nonprofit consulting. Lucie is interested in Holocaust Studies and researching how the Holocaust is presented and memorialized in the public realm and is a Research Assistant to Professors Lower and Petropoulos this year. In her free time, Lucie bakes challah and plays the ukulele.

Saneen Khan ‘23

Saneen is currently a Junior at CMC studying Government and History with a sequence in Data Science. On-campus, Saneen is a member of the Student Philanthropy Council, the 5C Refugee Advocacy Network, Amnesty International, and Claremont Apparel. She is especially interested in migrant and refugee rights and will be working through the Mgrublian with NGO Claremont Canopy. Saneen intends to eventually study law and is particularly interested in human rights and immigration law. Saneen’s passion for human rights work stems from her experiences volunteering abroad, particularly her experience working with Rohingya refugees in Malaysia. Having grown up in the UAE, Saneen hopes to eventually use her experience and knowledge back home in the Middle East. 

Elena Neff ‘22

Elena is a senior from Palo Alto, California, studying Government and History. She is an Archival Research Assistant at the Center and a Research Assistant at the Berger Institute. Previously, she has interned and volunteered at non-profits, researched for the AMH-CARE lab at Pomona College, and served as a board member on Amnesty International and J-Street U. Elena hopes to pursue a career in public policy, research, and human rights after graduation. She enjoys listening to HAIM and facetiming her three dachshunds in her free time.

Michelle Ramirez ‘23

Michelle is a junior from Los Angeles, CA majoring in Public Policy with a sequence in Human Rights, Genocide Studies, and Holocaust Studies. She works as a Success Coach, as a Tour Guide, and is involved with the Task Force for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. As a first-generation college student and daughter of immigrants, she holds a deep interest in immigrant and refugee rights, education rights, and indigenous rights, specifically in Latin America. Her passion has led her to work in nonprofit organizations focused on human rights advocacy, special education law, and community programming related to public service. After college, she plans on becoming a public interest lawyer. Michelle looks forward to working with students passionate about human rights and justice!

Maya Shah ‘22

Maya is a senior on the pre-med track dual majoring in PPE and film. With respect to her interest in medicine, she believes that a doctor’s most important quality is empathy, and she strives to become a doctor that understands her patients’ feelings and demonstrates compassion towards them. Maya works as the Mgrublian Center’s Editor-in-Chief of the student-led newsletter. She also works as an economic journalist at the Lowe Institute, a physics tutor, and a researcher in the Solomon-Lane Lab. In her free time, Maya enjoys running, cooking, and watching movies.

Grant Thieroff ‘22

Grant is a senior from Maplewood, New Jersey, majoring in Public Policy. He is especially interested in the intersections of human rights issues with politics, public policy, and foreign policy. Grant previously participated in CMC’s DC program, interning for a former director of Human Rights Watch-turned-Congressman Tom Malinowski. Grant aspires to work in the foreign service, particularly in the democracy and governance realm – he got a small sample of this work when he worked as an intern at USAID this past summer. Outside of school and work, some of Grant’s hobbies include hiking, bouldering, board games, and language learning (his current project is Russian).

Hailey Wilson '22

Hailey Wilson is a senior majoring in International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies with a human rights sequence. She grew up in Naples, Florida, but has loved the transition to sunny, not as humid California. On campus, she is part of the Model UN team, CMC Advocates for Sexual Assault Survivors, the Refugee Action Network, and works as a tour guide in the CMC Office of Admission. She has always had a passion for human rights, but her interest was solidified after spending her first year summer working in Ghana with an organization to end child labor and trafficking. She wants to further understand the root causes of human rights violations in order to create effective change in the global community. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career as an International Human Rights Lawyer.

Human Rights Legal Research Assistants

Luca Khalsa ‘23
Jasmine Perales ‘23

Jasmine is a junior from Aliso Viejo, California majoring in Government and Chicanx Latins Studies. Jasmine’s interest in human rights stems from growing up in a community with many immigrants and a passion for social justice and activism. She is planning on attending law school after CMC to practice human rights or immigration law. In addition to being part of the Justice League, she is a Career Services Mentor at the Soll Center for Student Opportunity and a Career Committee Lead for 1Gen. 

Laura Rich ‘24
Anya Syed ‘23

Research Fellows

Adam Terenyi ‘25

Adam is a freshman from San Antonio, Texas, majoring in International Relations and Economics. He works as a Program Assistant for the Keck Center for International and Strategic Studies and serves on the Advisory Board of the European Union Center of California at Scripps College. As a Hungarian citizen, he is alarmed by several anti-democratic developments under the Fidesz government, namely breaches of the rule of law and minority securitization. These developments serve as inspiration for his research project this year at the Center, which focuses on examining the effects of Fidesz’s use of the Roma and queer people to further anti-democratic policies: “Hungary’s Democratic Backsliding: Domestic and International Implications for Human Rights.” Apart from his passion for studying democratic decline, Adam is also interested in urban planning and examining organisms like cities at the macro level, how to remove the primacy of the car in American cities, and building a more liveable future. These interests combine into his worldview that power structures like oppressive governments and rigid city planning should be dissolved, making way instead for political cultures based on mutual respect and freedom.


Andrew Holzer ‘23

AJ is a Sophomore from Chicago, Illinois studying Neuroscience and Philosophy. On campus, he is involved in SOURCE and research labs. His past summer working and living in Tel Aviv sparked interest in the ways Jewish Americans are taught about human rights in the state of Israel. In his research project, “A Disjointed Consciousness: A Case Study on Human Rights Education among Jewish Americans,” he plans to explore this topic through conversation with members of different Jewish groups in the Los Angeles area. Interested in documentary films and the stories that they are able to tell he is excited to present his findings in this medium.

Mahmood Almadeh '24

Mahmood is a sophomore at CMC from Manama, Bahrain. He is majoring in PPA and IR. He currently writes for The Golden Antlers and holds a few positions at ASCMC. As a student from the Middle East, he is interested in democratic transitions in the Middle East, US foreign policy in the MENA region, and the politics of post-Arab spring countries. In his free time, he enjoys reading, playing video games, and hanging out with his friends in nature.

Joshua Morganstein '25

Josh is a first-year at CMC from the San Francisco Bay Area, majoring in International Relations. He has an interest in diplomacy and human rights studies, specifically in Latin America. He hopes to understand the short-term, intermediate, and lasting effects of political repression across a range of Latin American countries in the second half of the 20th century, and hopes that a comparative perspective will offer insights. On campus, Josh also does research for the Keck Center for International and Strategic Studies and is a part of the Model United Nations team. He is very excited to be tackling the Mgrublian Center fellowship with his roommate Eduardo! 

Eduardo Jacinto '25

Eduardo is a freshman at Claremont McKenna College from Los Angeles and is hoping to major in Economics & Computer Science. He is interested in learning more about the Latin America region. He is of Guatemalan descent and  wants to learn more about the region where his ancestors lived and what they endured there. Specifically, Eduardo seeks to understand the long-term effects of political instability in Latin American countries on their citizens and political culture. Eduardo is also Associate Consultant for SOURCE Nonprofit Consulting and a member of Pomona Ventures’ logistics team. He is excited to do this research fellowship with his roommate Josh!